Month: February 2019

Linux ss Command Examples

Introduction In this post we will learn how to use ss command, which can give you a lot of useful socket related information. ss comes pre-installed with all modern popular Linux distributions. We will go through several examples, so you could easily modify them and get the desired result. I will be using Ubuntu 18.04

Shared Lines in FreePBX.

Introduction In this post you will learn how to configure multiple IP phones with the same extension in FreePBX. This extension is usually called shared line, because it is shared by different devices. Using shared lines is very convenient when you have two or more devices and want to be able to answer the incoming

Cisco IP Phone “Host Not Found” error.

Introduction This post explains why you are getting “Host Not Found” error on your newly registered IP phone’s display and how to fix it. Why “Host Not Found” error? The reason you are getting this error is that when you autoregister a brand new IP phone, it attempts to take you through the self-provision wizard,