How to backup a FreePBX server?


In this post we will learn how to make a backup of your FreePBX server. I will be using FreePBX version 13.

Before we start we have to setup an FTP server, because FreePBX uses FTP protocol for backups.

If you don’t have an FTP server running  already, you can read these short posts on how to setup your own FTP server:

How to setup FTP server in Windows?

After you have configured your FTP server you can continue reading this article.


FreePBX Backup Instructions


Go to Admin->Backup&Restore and click Backup Wizard button.



Fill in Backup Name and Backup Description fields. Click Next

Backup Name and Description



Set backup frequency to Nightly, Weekly or Monthly and specify time. I will leave it set to Nightly and 23:00 as shown on the image. Click Next

Backup Schedule


Specify whether you want to backup Voicemail , Call Recordings and CDR, I will leave them set to Yes.  Click Next

Backup items


Specify if you want e-mail notifications. I will disable them in my case. Click Next

Backup Email Notifications


Fill in the following fields as shown on the picture below:

  1. Remote Save – set it to Yes 
  2. Remote server type should be set to FTP
  3. Server Name – enter descriptive name.
  4. Server address – IP address of your FTP server. (In my case
  5. Server Port – port your server is listening on. Usually 21
  6. Username – username of your FTP user
  7. Password – password for your FTP user

Backup Server Details


After you finish the Backup Wizard you can go to Admin->Backup&Restore and run the backup task manually to make sure it works.

Now you can go to your directory on the FTP server and you will find the backup archive there.


In this post we have looked at how we can backup our FreePBX server.


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