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How to save and quit in Vi/Vim Editor.

Introduction Vi is an advanced and very powerful text editor that works in CLI only mode. Vim is a modified and newer version of Vi and is absolutely backwards compatible with it. You might hear both these names these days: Vi or Vim, so don’t be confused and know that they are referring to the

How to install .deb file in Ubuntu

Introduction Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives (for example, Linux Mint) use installable software packages with .deb file extension. Usually, you download deb package from the vendor and then install the software from that file without having to compile it. This is different from the case when you download the source code and compile that source

Install Anaconda on Linux Mint.

Introduction In this article I will go through the installation process of Anaconda onto Linux Mint. Step 1. Download Anaconda Go to and download the installation file as shown below. After the downloading completes you will see the installation shell script: Step 2. Run the installation script Now open the terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) navigate to

WC command examples in Linux

Introduction WC (word count) is the Linux command which allows you to count the number of bytes(or characters), words and lines in a provided text file. It might not seem very useful, but there are actually a lot of situations where you might need to get the number of words or lines in a file

How to change hostname in Linux Mint?

Introduction The hostname is the name of your computer. It is generally used to identify your PC on the network and it’s also usually part of the command prompt in Linux terminal. The hostname is assigned to the computer during the operating system installation, but you can change it later, if you want. In this

How to verify a checksum in Linux?

Introduction In this article we will learn how to calculate and verify a checksum of a file in Ubuntu. We will also see what a checksum actually is and why we should care. You can jump straight to the CLI commands. What is a checksum? A checksum (also called a hash or a digest) is