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OpenLDAP operations (ldapsearch).

Introduction In this post we will learn how to search OpenLDAP directory using ldapsearch command. Prerequisite I assume that you have a working OpenLDAP server and OpenLDAP client. You might want to read this post which explains step by step how to install and run OpenLDAP server on Ubuntu 18.04. It also shows the basic

How to Install OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 18.04?

Introduction In this post we will install OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 18.04. OpenLDAP is a free open-source implementation of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). LDAP is a datastore mostly used for storing user identities and for user authentication. What is LDAP? LDAP stores the information in a hierarchical format called Directory Information Tree(DIT). The DIT contains

Linux ss Command Examples

Introduction In this post we will learn how to use ss command, which can give you a lot of useful socket related information. ss comes pre-installed with all modern popular Linux distributions. We will go through several examples, so you could easily modify them and get the desired result. I will be using Ubuntu 18.04

How to Enable SSH on Ubuntu?

Introduction In this post we will learn how to enable SSH server on your Ubuntu. What is SSH? SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol which supports encryption. It is mainly used for a remote secure configuration and management. It is common to use SSH protocol for a remote Linux administration. If we want to

How to log SSH session output in Linux?

Introduction In this article we will see how it is possible to log SSH or telnet session output to a file. I usually use this method for saving the configuration of remote network devices like routers or switches, but it might be useful in any other situations when you need to save all session output

How to Find Files in Linux

Introduction In this post we will learn how to find files and directories in Linux using command-line utility called find. This utility can search for files based on a great number of parameters and therefore it makes it very powerful and useful tool. Another good thing about find utility is that it allows to execute various

Linux curl examples.

Introduction In this post you will learn about curl command in Linux and then have a look at some common curl examples. What is curl? Curl is a command-line utility used for sending and getting data using URLs. curl supports various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, LDAP, TELNET, POP3, SMTP and others. It

How to update NodeJS to the latest version?

Introduction In this short post we will update NodeJS to the latest version using npm (Node Package Manager). I will update  NodeJS 8.1.0 to NodeJS 10.13 in Ubuntu 18.04.   Update NodeJS using NPM If you have NodeJS installed on your computer then you also have NPM, because they come together. NPM (Node Package Manager) is usually

How to backup a FreePBX server?

Introduction. In this post we will learn how to make a backup of your FreePBX server. I will be using FreePBX version 13. Before we start we have to setup an FTP server, because FreePBX uses FTP protocol for backups. If you don’t have an FTP server running  already, you can read these short posts