How to create a custom recording for IVR greeting in FreePBX?


In this short tutorial we are going to create a custom recording for IVR greeting. These recordings are called Announcements/System Recordings (these terms are used interchangeably) in FreePBX. Whenever you create an IVR application you select which audio file should be played back to the callers in Announcement field.

How to create a custom recording?

  1. Go to Admin->System Recordings and press Add Recording.
  2. Enter Name and Description in their corresponding fields.
  3. Now we have 3 options to create/upload the audio file itself:
  • Press Browse button to the right of Upload Recording label to upload the audio file from your local drive.
  • Choose one of the FreePBX built-in recordings in Add System Recording dropdown list.
  • Record your own custom recording using one of the registered extensions.

If you want to record you own custom file, enter extension number in Record Over Extension  field and press Call! button. After you press the Call! button your extension will ring and once you answer the call you will hear a tone signal after which the recording will start. After you hangup you will have to give a name to your recording and press Save button next to Record Over Extension field.

Add Custom Recording in FreePBX

Don’t forget to press Submit button. Now you can select this System Recording in Announcement field when adding IVR Application.

You can also have a look at this guide about IVR Greeting configuration.


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