How to configure Native Call Queuing in CUCM ?


In this post we will go through the process of configuring Native Call Queuing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.5. This allows us to have basic call queuing functionality with periodic announcements without implementing Cisco Contact Center Express/Enterprise.

How to configure native call queuing?

Below are the required steps to get Native Call queuing working.


Go to Cisco Unified Serviceability and enable Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service in Tools -> Service Activation.



Return to Cisco Unified CM Administration. Go to Media Resources-> Music On Hold Audio Source add a new MoH Audio Source. Give it a name and select MoH Audio Source File (“SampleAudioSource” in my case).

MoH Audio Source


Then scroll down and select initial and periodic announcements. In my case both are “Wait In Queue Sample”. You can also select 



Go to Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Line Group and add a new Line Group. This Line Group should contain the directory numbers of operators that will answer the incoming calls. In my case Line Group is named “Call-Center”:

Line Group configuration



Go to Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Hunt List and create a Hunt List. This Hunt List should have the previously defined Line Group (“Call-Center” in my example) as a member. I have named my Hunt List “CC_HL” as shown on the picture below:

Hunt List



Go to Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Hunt Pilot and create a new Hunt Pilot. This Hunt Pilot will be used to dial into our Call Center. I have assigned 2000 to my Hunt Pilot, therefore I will use that number to dial into Call Center application.  Besides that, Hunt Pilot should have a Hunt List assigned to it, in my example it is assigned to CC_HL as shown on the image below:

Hunt Pilot


Enable call queuing for this Hunt Pilot by checking Queue Calls and set Network Hold MoH Source to the source created in Step2. You can also specify other parameters which are pretty straightforward.



Now callers will be put in the queue while all operators are busy and as soon as any of the operators becomes available, the caller from the queue will be connected to him.

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